Acute pains in the back and neck could be unbearable and snatch basic pleasures of life. The need to feel normal again without any form of pain is usually the order of the day with our patients. We are aware that the journey to recovery may not always be as fast as expected or straightforward. Nevertheless, every person’s body and health is different as well as their responsiveness to treatment hence there is no strict approach to treating back and neck injuries.

For patients whose cases are not responsive to physiotherapy, Avanced Integrated Medicine may provide a timely referral to one of our well trained and world-class neurosurgeons. Invasive or non-invasive surgical options are being referred depending on the condition of the patient. Your doctor will give information about your medical history, recent treatments and also review in detail your options and advised course of action. It is very important to us that the diverse options available is properly understood before you move forward.

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